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LG Ceiling UV36 36000 Btu/h INVERTER

11.895,24 Lei 9.996,00 Lei
UV36 + UU37W


LG air conditioners are environmentally friendly and recognized by users worldwide for their quality very good, so LG has produced 10 million units in 2004, becoming world number one producer for the fifth consecutive year.

The Convertible is equipped with protection against corrosion Gold Fin, in the outdoor unit and a heat exchanger with a low plasma power, installed in the indoor unit.

Anti Corrosion Gold Fin

LG's Outdoor Heat Exchanger is coated with a golden anti-corrosive epoxy treatment on the aluminum coil to minimized corrosion. This maintains heat transfer properties of the coil for an extended time where as non-Gold Fin coils progressively lose efficiency due to surface corrosion. Standard on every LG air conditioner, this assists in areas suffering from pollution or near the ocean where the unit may subjected to higher levels of salt.

Airflow Direction Control

Horizontal Airflow Direction Control.

Adjust the horizontal airflow direction by manually moving the horizontal airflow direction louver by hand.

Vertical Airflow Direction Control

The airflow direction can be adjusted as desired by using the remote controller.

DC Inverter Technology

With the advancement of inverter technology comes more silent, economical and powerful air conditioning systems.


Step-up Inverter by the PFC & the Sine Wave Control Technology
(PFC : Power Factor Correction)

The LG air conditioner is manufactured using the PFC and the sine wave technology. By the PFC control, raising the operating voltage from the existing DC 280V to DC 380V can be done. Thereby, it makes the operation smooth in a high-frequency area. The sine wave control enables soft operation in a low frequency area, thereby expanding the product's operating range. This also markedly improves the product's energy efficiency.

Powerful BLDC Compressor

The LG inverter air conditioner comes with a BLDC compressor that uses a strong neodymium magnet. Its compressor thus has improved efficiency compared with AC inverter. Notably, during partial-load operation (30-45 Hz), the efficiency of the compressor motor of the LG inverter air conditioner increases, as opposed to the existing AC motors, and the subcooling effects of the bigger condensor will further increase the product's energy consumption efficiency.


BLDC fan motor offers additional energy saving in operating mode. Compared with AC motors, BLDC fan motor can cut energy by 35% at full velocity. AC motor is operating at full velocity only, but BLDC Motor can change velocity according to load. Energy efficiency levels at low velocities in particular have been improved by 65%.

Comfortable with Fast Cooling & Heating Performance

When the air conditioner is initially activated to either heat or cool, the compressor will operate at maximum speed to reach the desired temperature quickly. Once the desired temperature is achieved, unlike conventional air conditioners that turn the compressor on and off, LG inverter units constantly adjust and vary the compressor speed to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuation to ensure that your comfort is not compromised.

Wide Operating Range

When cooling computer rooms and other rooms in the event of low outdoor temperatures, the BLDC inverter compressor and outdoor BLDC fan motor are used to adjust the air flow and volume, with a view to ensuring efficient operation by allowing the air conditioner to keep operating at -10 degree Celsius without turning it off.


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Producator LG
Garantie 3 ani, 5 ani pentru compresor
Tip 36000 Btu/htu/h
Type Ceiling
Wi-Fi Control Nu
Brand LG
Product code UV30 + UU30W
Type Ceiling
Power Class 30000
Cooling Capacity:
Minimum 10373 Btu/h
Standard 25932 Btu/h
Maxim 28525 Btu/h
Heating Capacity:
Minimum 11464 Btu/h
Standard 28662 Btu/h
Maxim 31528 Btu/h
Power Input:
Cooling 2680 W
Heating 2990 W
Running Current:
Cooling 12.0 A
Heating 13.0 A
Energy Features:
EER Btu/hr.W 2.84 W/W
COP 2.81 W/W
Cooling Power Class C
Power Supply Single-phase
Compresor Type inverter
Refrigerant Charge:
Type R410A
Air Flow Rate:
Indoor mc/min(CFM) 18/16/14
Dehumidification Rate 3.5 l/h
Sound Pressure Level:
Indoor (H/M/L/Sleep) 45/42/39 dB(A)
Outdoor 52 dB(A)
Indoor 1200x205x615 mm
Outdoor 870x1060x320 mm
Net Weight:
Indoor 30 kg
Outdoor 60 kg